Cycling in your sixties

At the top of Bo Peep, East Sussex, UK





Bo Peep

After a good day in the saddle sixty plus Nick was moved to put fingers to key board.
Bo Peep
There was a plus 60 called Paul.
Who decided to forsake Gaul.
He rode up Bo Peep.
Said fuck! It was steep.
The Alps aren’t so bad after all!




Still running: the Severn Bridge Half Marathon


Once upon a time I lived in Chepstow in South Wales, and often jogged the country lanes, including out and back over the old Severn Bridge – always a bracing run with high winds and spectacular views. Now I live in that place called faraway, but visit the UK each summer to see family. So it was that I found myself planning to be in Bristol for a weekend, and discovered that there was to be a Severn Bridge Half Marathon that same weekend. Of course, there being no fool like an old fool, I entered. Continue reading