25 years

25 Years
One of the great pleasures of being 60 is that some wonderful milestone events roll in. A most recent one for Bee and I was our 25th wedding anniversary. There is not a lot of comment in this post just some wonderful pictures of an exquisite day. The South of England was in full glory with 30+ degrees of magnificent sunshine all day and on into a balmy evening. The 14 adults and 6 child enjoyed every moment of this memorable day.

Here are some great photographs of the day. Continue reading


Laura Walter’s 365 day birthday party

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Coming to the end of a year and passing to become 60 something. It marked quite a year in many respects. Laura Walter shares some images of a week at the beach to celebrate and talks about her 60th year and her ambitions for being sixty.

Time marches on and I decided to embrace my sixtieth year. I filled the year with friends and family and visited new places to enjoy time with them.  In August 2015 my mother surprised me with a birthday visit to mark the end of my 50s. As I have done on so many other occasions in the past sixty years I had to give thanks to a dear friend for helping out. This time it was to Iva for collecting Mom from the airport and once again Erv, my wonderful husband had a hand in it. It is amazing that they managed to keep the secret. We celebrated that birthday and ushered in the next with lots of wine and laughter. Continue reading