100 Mile Cycle Ride

On Sunday 16th July 2017, at 8am, seven cyclists set off from Eastbourne to ride to Dungeness and back, a total of 100 miles. Mark, a UK vets triathlete was due to race in Iceland on the following weekend so only did 20 miles to see us off. Anthony and Jack unfortunately had committments for the afternoon so could only do one way. The remaining four: Chris, Harvey, Nick and Paul were setting out to go both there and back, 100 miles.

None of these four riders had cycled that distance before. They had been in training but were very apprehensive! The team was raising money for the fantastic ‘Let Them Shine Children’s Centre‘ in Tanzania. The Centre provides much needed care and education to 50 disadvantaged pre-school children. Every penny raised is to go to building a new kitchen and dining room to provide food and nutrition. The route passed through Little Common, Cooden, Bexhill, Hastings, Rye, Romney Marsh, Lydd, on into Dungeness and all the way back again.

When we arrived in Dungeness we were met by a small party of domestiques and masseurs to help us enjoy our twenty minutes sandwich and drink.


After a break at 75 miles …


We got back to Eastbourne at about 5pm to find drinks and water on the windscreens.

… and the odometer said 100 miles.

Roll on next year!


Bo Peep

After a good day in the saddle sixty plus Nick was moved to put fingers to key board.
Bo Peep
There was a plus 60 called Paul.
Who decided to forsake Gaul.
He rode up Bo Peep.
Said fuck! It was steep.
The Alps aren’t so bad after all!